how to use a hard drive enclosure 2021?


Even if you bought a new Laptop, Do you have an old Laptop? Or did you find an old hard disk? you still do not need to spend a lot of money on buying an external hard drive. You can find out how to turn an old hard drive into an external hard drive by reading this article.

You already know that an External hard drive can be quickly connected from a laptop or desktop via USB and we can store the required information and use it to travel quickly and easily.

That hard drive is actually even fixed inside your laptop

So a hard drive fixed like this is difficult for us to travel, so we use an external hard drive. We’ve seen a lot of people buy an external hard drive online or buy it at the nearest computer shop.

But some people can an old hard drive or buy an old used hard drive from a shop or online or from a friend and create an external hard drive at home.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today, So take a cup of tea and biscuits and read this article until the end

Below is a hard disk of a used laptop computer

IDE Hard Disk

SATA Hard Disk

There are two types of hard drives mentioned above and I think you already have one type of hard drive
The advantage of using a laptop hard disk is that a laptop hard disk has very little power and can be connected to a computer with a single cable.

All you need is One cable like this. You can buy it from many online stores. I will mention it on a website where you can buy it. You can buy this cable for a small fee and quickly convert an old hard disk used in your laptop to an external hard disk

you can buy Online :

The important thing to consider when you buy this cable is whether you already have a SATA hard drive or an IDE hard drive. I will mention a cable that is common to both of these. The advantage here is that you can use it for SATA hard drives as well as IDE hard drives. If you do not need a dual cable, you can purchase a separate cable for the SATA hard drive and a separate cable for the IDE hard drive. It can be done at your discretion. Remember to check your hard drive SATA and IDE and buy only the compatible cable.

Connect with IDE hard Drive

You can select the right side(SATA OR IDE) as above and connect it to the hard disk
Now you can convert your old hard drive to an external hard drive and now you can connect your hard drive to your computer via USB but there is a problem here you can connect and work this way at home but you can not take it anywhere Because the wire here is out. This is not a nice finish.
We use a hard drive enclosure.

Using a hard drive protects the hard drive with a beautiful finish and you can use it like a brand new external hard drive.This is not essential and you can use it as above and this can be done as you wish

Most hard drive enclosures are dedicated to SATA hard devices, so be careful when you buy. If you have an IDE device, you can probably connect as mentioned above.

SATA hard device can be connected as follows

You can buy this hard drive enclosures :

Is this really an advantage for us? Yes, it’s really an advantage for us because if we have to buy an external hard drive, it will cost us a lot of money. So by purchasing only one cable you can create an external hard drive and so you can save money, use your old hard drive and you can use the old data in the same way.

If you still do not understand this, you can also watch the video below

So we’ll be back until we see you in another document. Have a nice day


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