External Hard Drive without disk


Hi, welcome. So today we are going to talk about what is an external hard drive without disk? Below are some of the hard disk types we use everyday that you already know

Now you may be wondering why I am showing some hard disks. Before explaining this topic, there are a few basic things you need to know. So I urge you to read this article very carefully until the end.

Usually we use a standard hard disk. Below is an internal photo of that hard disk.



So you can see that this areĀ  lot of disk platters. This is where your data is saved. This disk is moving at a rate of a thousand times per second. And the head in it reads the data from this .After we request a data, this head i finds out where we need what is stored in the disk , and gives it to us. This is a very complex process that I explained very simply to remember.

Is it possible to have a hard disk without a disk? Yes, they are called Solid state drives.

Now the big question is what it is?

We usually use a standard hard disk, which works on a mechanical part, that is, the disk rotates, and so on. However, this solid state drive works with microchips and there is no disk inside. This is like a pen drive you have.

The photo below shows you the difference between a standard hard disk and a solid state drive

So now you know that “external hard drive without disk” means that the external hard drive you are using is an SSD (Solid-state drive). Now you know that there is no disk inside this. Also, if you use this SSD for your external hard drive or your computerĀ  it is more useful than using a normal hard drive.

External HHD with disk(standard hard disk) External HHD without disk(Solid state drive)
The data transfer speed is low Data transfer speed is very good
Durability is low Durability is high
The risk of data loss is high The risk of data loss is very low
Cannot be used anywhere, for example in a vehicle or on a bus. Can be used anywhere
Cheaper than SSDs. More expensive than a standard hard drive


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