Can We Connect External Hard Drive to the TV?


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So Today we will see how to connect your external hard drive to the TV.

Most of us like to watch movies through TV. It’s delicious when the whole family loves to watch their favorite movies and photos together. You also can see your charming old memories on large TV screen clearly through photographs..

But , not all TVs can be connected to the external hard drives.

The TV must be designed with right suitable software compatibility to play different types of files. And it’s better if the TV has an USB port  for physical connecting , otherwise you should use HDMI port on the TV.

If you want to watch movies through TV by an externally connected device , you Could  either use a  pen drive or an External hard drive. Pen drive is easy to use while it is very portable. But there are some advantages of using an external hard drive for TV.


Advantages of External Hard Drives

  • Data transferring speeds are higher when transferring big amounts of data
  • Data corrupting probability is less than pen drive
  • Storage capacity of Pen drive is limited than external hard disk ( It’s like maximum 2TB in 2021)
    • if you need to store a load of TV series or a movie collection , your best choice is external hard disk. You can store them for a long time and when you need to watch , just connect the disk and watch. It’s much easy. You also can devide them easily into folders and sub folders.

Important!!! – It is better if you can use an SSD Hard disk as the External Hard Disk. Reason for that is When we are watching a movie through a HDD Hard disk , if we accidently powered off the TV , currently playing data can be corrupted.

Checking whether the External Hard Disk will work with your Television..

Connecting External Hard disk to the TV depends directly on the TV.

You can check the TV user Manual or Manufacturer’s website to know the file formats supported by the TV. In the manual there will be a list supporting codes also.

Most common file type supported by TVs is NTFS file system. In some circumstances , if your drive is formatted in other type of file system you will have to format it to the NTFS file system in order to make it compatible.

  • Another fact – some TVs support hard drives up to a certain capacity. Capacity may be 2 Terabytes or 4 Terabytes depend on the manufacturer.
  • Most TVs have a limit when it comes to the CODEC support. In rare occasions Some TVs will say it will support files like MKV OR MPEG4 , but in time will not play your movie. This can be happen because there are a dozens of different codecs are belonged to MPEG and MKV types. In such times you have to play your file one time , in order to know whether it works exactly.

Connecting to the TV..

First , connect the External hard disk to the USB port in the TV.

TV’s port may be labeled as USB/HDD. If the port is labeled a “USB” only , just use it. No problem at all.

After the drive is recognized by the TV , take the TV remote and select the input as “USB”. Then the files will be read and all the supported files will be showed on the built-in TV menu.

So Guys , this is the movie time , just select your movie and start enjoying.

My TV has no USB port?? So..😟

Some older TVs may not have USB inputs.

So if your TV is not designed to support USB/HDD Devices , you have got an another nice solution.That is the TV’s HDMI port.

You can connect the external hard drive to the TV through a secondary device with an USB port. You can use either streaming device , gaming console or a Smart Blue ray Player. The consists of an HDMI Output for the TV and the External Hard Drive can be connected via the USB port.

Modern TVs..

Nowadays the are modern TVs of several types. Modernized Smart and HDTVs are equipped with many more functions. Tghey feels us like we are watching a movie , sitting in the Thetre.

Most of them have the abolity to connect an External Hard Drive.

So Guys , if you haven’t connect your external hard drive to the TV still now , you can watch the following video to get more information.

That’s for today folks. We will meet again in the next article..πŸ˜‰ Good Bye..


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