Methods of Moving games from Internal storage to the External Hard Drive


If you are a game lover , you must be loving to play a lot of games continuously. But you can’t store all your games  in the internal hard drive , just because the space is limited.

When you search for solutions , at first you will get “transfer games into an external drive”.

Today I’m going to achieve several methods to achieve the above process.😎

First way – Using a Game Client

Game clients are networks that connects the user to the main game server.

Now I’m going to discuss steps you should follow in steam and origin game clients for transfer of games.

Using Steam

Steam is one of the best game clients in the world. Steps to move by using this efficient game client is state below..

  1. Go to steam client
  2. Click Settings in the upper left
  3. Head to Downloads tab
  4. Click Download button while selecting a steam library folder in the top.
  5. Click “Add Library folder” and add several library folders.

After doing above activities , if we are installing a new game, the steam client will ask ” which library folder would you like to install” , by showing library folders you selected before.

Using EA Origin

EA Origin is another best game client. It’s even very easy to use rather than steam.

This game client has a button named “move” to transfer your amazing games.

Creating of libraries is not required here.

So you have the ability to install your game to any folder , on any drive you like.

Steps to follow..

  1. Right click on the Game button , located in the library view.
  2. Click “Move game” and select the drive for which you want to move the game.
  3. A pop up will show you the status of the transfer.

After transferring you can enjoy your game without any trouble.

Second Way – Creating a symbolic link in the game client

By creating a symbolic location at the old location of the game , computer is allowed to think that , everything is located in the same place as it was before. But in the actual scenario , all your big sized data will be stored on en external hard drive.

In other words , this is like a process pf making shortcuts. When creating these shortcuts , computer treats them like they are actual folder. As a result game files feel no difference at all.

Steps of the Process

Let’s assume the game folder as “shootshoot’ and think it is located in program files as follows.

  • “C:\program files\shootshoot”

Now we need to transfer it to a location “E:\Entertainment\shootshoot”

1. First move the shootshoot folder.

2. Now run the following command in Command Prompt(Admin)

“mlink/E “C:\program files\shootshoot” “E:\Entertainment\shootshoot”

3. A shortcut will be shown now in the real game folder , which points to the game’s new location.

So you play from here , as nothing happened..

Third Way – Moving game while granting a new location for the game manager

These are the steps to be followed if you are using steam.

1.Go to steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> Stem Library folders -> Add library folder

2.Then go to newly created library folder and make a new folder within it called “steamapps”. Within “steamapps” make another folder called “common”

3.Now go to your current steam folder. Then find the folder for which you want to transfer the game files.It may be probably in steamapps/common folder.

4.Then you have to copy the folder containing the game and it should be pasted in sitemaps/common folder. That was the folder created in step 2 before a short time ago.

5.Go back to steam and right click on the game you wish to transfer. Then select “Delete Local Content”. This step is done to uninstall the game from earlier location.

6.Now you can install your game. There is a dropdown menu to select location of installing.

7.In the drop down select the steam folder located in the external hard drive.

After few minutes , you will be able to play your game nicely.

Instead of traditional downloading you can save a lot of valuable time by using this method ☺️

If you use “Origin” the above steps used in the “steam” are very similar.So i’m not going to discuss it now. But the following video will give you more information about it..

That’s all for today friends, Have a nice day!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


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